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About the Artist


Hi! Nice to meet you!

Here are a few things about me as a photographer...  

I have been producing fine art portraits for over a decade. 

I am a long time member of The National Association of Professional Children's Photographers, Wedding and Portrait Professionals International, and The Professional Photographers of America.

I have won several awards over the years, both nationally and internationally, and have been named to the "Best Newborn Photographers in Ontario" and "Best Newborn Photographers in Canada" for 5 years running!!

My portrait work has been published in Newborn Magazine and been featured on many websites!

I mentor up-and-coming photographers from all over the world and adore sharing my knowledge of photography and photoshop with others who share my love!  I love to teach, and give regular workshops and am often a guest lecturer at local schools and photography associations.


 This is me... 

I am Mom to a Brittany Spaniel named Reggie Dunlop (sound familiar?). Reggie is our third Brittany Spaniel and he is a full member of the family. I love to work with pets as much as love to work with children! 

I love to travel and J'adore Paris.  I visit as often as possible and have been known to take client bookings in Paris. My last trip was a destination session with clients to England!!  It was an amazing experience traveling with a family and capturing the special moments on their trip!  

I adore working in Paris and the U.K. and out of the Hastings Studio (outside of Peterborough), especially in the summertime. Outdoor sessions rock! 

My favourite movie is......hint: Our last dog's name was Ogie Ogilthorpe; both dogs were named after characters in the BEST movie ever made (if you are Canadian anyway!) Slapshot with Paul Newman (Reggie Dunlop!) It is a must see, (I've lost count of how many times I have watched it!) Disclaimer: don't watch it with the kids or if you have sensitive ears;) 

I am a big time foodie! I love visiting the farmer's market and am an avid supporter of all things local. I am all for trying new things!  I am also a candy-a-holic; Twizzlers, jujubes, sour keys. If it sticks to your teeth I love it! I do love me some expensive chocolate though and don't get me started on French patisseries! 

I love my Starbucks (when I can get it!)...Long Shots of Espresso are my best friends, just ask my husband! I have every way to make coffee known to man, lol!

I have a B.Sc. from the University of Toronto in Psychology with an emphasis on Behaviour and Learning, which helps me in everyday life a lot! 

I recently celebrated my 17th wedding anniversary, older than 35 birthday... 

Music is my other passion. I don't play any instruments, but I can pick a song or a new band out of the masses, and usually two years later... on the radio. 

My goal as a photographer is to capture the true moments of life; those precious, yet fleeting, moments. I don't take pictures, I create timeless memories to be appreciated forever by generations to come. I am passionate about photography, people, and animals. I love children and pets and it shows in my portraits. 

Taking that special shot is something I have enjoyed since I was a very young girl. Photography has been a passion all my life.

I love to see clients' reactions when they see their images from a session.  Nothing warms my heart more than making a Mom cry when she sees her fine art portraits for the first time! 

My philosophy is a comfortable experience makes memorable pictures, so my sessions are never rushed, with plenty of time for feeding, and cuddle breaks.  I take the time to bond with and understand your newborn, baby, child, or pet to create beautiful portraits and lasting memories.