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Why Select A Darling Shot?
Posing a Newborn Baby is a skill that is not easy to learn, and takes many many years to hone. Melanie has been photographing Newborns for over 13 years and Children for over 16.  Baby whisperer extraordinaire, Melanie can soothe even the fussiest of babies to achieve beautiful portraits.  Melanie's style is timeless and your portraits will be something you will treasure forever. Melanie is an internationally recognised, award winning, Newborn Portrait Artist who teaches other photographers the speciality of Newborn Photography.
A Darling Shot books a limited number of clients in any given month to ensure the best quality of client service; because it is what you deserve!
You get what you pay for. When you hire a professional photographer with a good reputation, great products, keen eye, professional process and appropriate pricing, you lift the burden of worry.  And since quality, custom portraiture does require an investment, it is important to consider:
1. Am I prepared to make a higher investment to ensure the quality of the work? 
2. Will a reshoot be possible? For many occasions like weddings or newborns, reshoots are not possible. And since we don't often have the gift of a reshoot, capturing memories with care and confidence is worth the investment - every time.
3. Is the event I am capturing time sensitive, emotionally important, or unique? If so, you can't afford mistakes -- it needs to be done right the first time.
When should I book my Newborn Session?
It is never too soon to have your due date pencilled in!  A Darling Shot only reserves 8-10 due dates in any given month so you may be disappointed if you leave it too late.  Please do not leave it until after baby is born.  Newborns must be photographed before 10 days of age and those 10 days will fly by before you know it if you do not plan in advance! 

It’s best to schedule your Newborn Photography Session while you are still pregnant. A good time to book is 30 to 35 weeks gestation; this is, incidentally, the best time for maternity portraits as well. At this stage we can ‘pencil’ in a tentative date. Obviously, expected due dates and actual delivery dates can vary greatly, your baby can come anywhere between 2 weeks earlier and 2 weeks later than this date. If you book with enough notice the studio can be sure to fit you into the schedule.


How do I know what date to book?

The studio tentatively schedules you for the first weekday that is 7 days from your due date. Clients are asked to inform the studio as soon as their bundle of joy arrives. A simple text to let Melanie know that your water has broken, or that you are in labour is great and allows any accommodations necessary to be made to ensure that your session will be held before 10 days.

 Melanie highly recommends the Maternity/Newborn package, Bump to Baby, if you are looking for a way to capture your entire pregnancy experience. Don't hesitate to call and book a tentative date. 

Why do newborns have to be photographed before 10 days of age?
After 10 days of age, babies are no longer sleepy, curly and pose-able.  A feeding frenzy to support a growth spurt also occurs around the 10-14 day mark making sessions unproductive.  Custom Portraiture is an investment, and I want to capture this priceless time in the best possible way.  To accomplish those sweet, curly newborn poses, baby must be under 10 days of age. 
Unfortunately, the first two weeks after your baby is born are the ones that go by in a flash! For this reason, Melanie really encourages expectant parents or relatives to contact the studio ahead of time about a newborn session. Newborn sessions are generally booked 2 months in advance but moms are now calling as soon as they are out of their first trimester! Also inquire about A Darling Shot's Baby Registry where Baby Shower guests can purchase gift certificates for you!
What happens if my baby comes early/late?
When you call and reserve your spot for a newborn session, the studio pencils you in for the first weekday 7 days from your due date.  It is imperative that clients put the studio on their immediate contact list for after baby is born, and let us know as soon as you are letting family know.  Contacting the studio when your newborn is already 2-3 days old makes it much more difficult to accommodate the 10 day rule.
When is the best time to photograph my newborn?
Melanie prefers to photograph newborns between the ages of 5-7 days, but will photograph newborns up to day 10. 
What happens if my baby is hospitalised after birth?
The studio is accommodating for circumstances such as hospitalisation for jaundice, premature birth, etc. However, we do ask that you keep us in the loop so that we can get you into the studio as quickly as possible once you are released. 
Does the studio do Maternity Portraits?
Yes! A Darling Shot offers beautiful, tastefully created pieces of art focusing on the gorgeous Mom-to-be. 
Can my children be involved in the Maternity Session?
Of course! Siblings-to-be are welcome at the Maternity Session.  Up to 4 immediate family members may be at the Maternity Session (including the parents).
Can my pet be involved in the Maternity Session?
Absolutely! Pets are family members too!
When should I call to book my Maternity Session?
It is never too early to book a session.
Can I have my Maternity Session on a weekend? I am still at work.
Yes, you can.  I do, however, prefer to hold Maternity Sessions in the evening if Mom-to-be can't make it during the day.
There is an additional fee for weekend/evening sessions.  Only Maternity Sessions have this option.
When is the best time to have my Maternity Portraits done?
About 4-6 weeks before your due date. 
Are all the props I see on the website available to me?
A Darling Shot has many gorgeous props to choose from including hats, baskets, crates, carriages, headbands, etc.  The majority of the props shown on the website belong to the studio.  Occasionally a client will bring along their own hat or personal item.
What does a Session include?
-Pre-session phone consultation
-Photographer’s time and talent
-Custom editing of a minimum of 25 images. Includes colour correction and artistic touches and presentation in both colour and B/W
-Presentation/Ordering Session
-Newborn Sessions also include a wonderful Custom Electronic Birth Announcement and matching Facebook Timeline Cover
Does A Darling Shot provide Digital Negatives/High Resolution Files?
Yes! A Darling Shot provides low resolution files for use electronically (no printing) either a la carte or as part of a Collection.  High Resolution or Digital Negatives are also available, however, a troubling trend among untrained or inexperienced photographers is to offer all images in high resolution on a disc included with the session fee.  Handing digital files to a client is actually a disservice to them.  A Darling Shot strives to provide clients with professional quality artwork and products that Melanie can stand behind, and be sure represent her art in the proper light. For the effort, and investment you have made, A Darling Shot would want your images to be ones you will continue to treasure for a lifetime. The local photo mart simply can't create that. For this reason, A Darling Shot only provides Digital Negatives in a package that includes wall art. 
Does the studio have a minimum investment?
Yes. Newborn Sessions require an investment of $400 in product over and above the Creative/Sitting Fee ($200) which is also paid at the time of your session.  All other sessions (older children, pets) require a minimum purchase of $350 of product over and above the Creative/Sitting Fee ($150) which is paid at the time of your session. 
Why is Custom Portraiture so expensive?
Truthfully, while it doesn't cost much to make an 8x10 at your local one-hour photo, it does cost a professional photographer much more. Factored into every photographer's price is the cost of doing business professionally. A $200 session fee for a four hour session does not mean your photographer earns $50 per hour. Many, many hours of editing, retouching, cropping, time spent preparing for your session, presentation/online gallery preparation, preparation for printing, packaging of orders, and expensive equipment is required to produce quality photography. Selling an 8x10 for $3.50 or including high resolution files with a session would soon put a professional photographer out of business.  So while it may be tempting to consider lower pricing, A Darling Shot shouldn’t be compared to a chain studio or bargain photographer (they are cheap for a reason!), since A Darling Shot provides a boutique, custom experience and isn't merely putting you on an assembly line. You are paying for time, artistic skill, and customer service for the very best experience possible.
For a wonderful article about Custom Photography please visit The Professional Child Photographer Website.
Is your question still unanswered? Please contact Melanie or call the studio at 416-931-5736