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Fine Art Newborn Portrait Sessions

You have waited months for your little angel to arrive. Then, those first few weeks of your baby's life go by in a blur. You will never have those beloved moments again, yet in the years to come, it will be those very moments that you will try to relive. The way they look so small in your arms or curl up perfectly in your neck, their tiny little toes, and the gentle way that they breathe. I understand those sweet little details you will yearn for and adore long after your newborn has grown. 

Newborn portraits are a perfect way to capture all of the details of this special time and cherish them for years to come. Trusting this precious time to an experienced, well-reputed studio is imperative.  A studio that spends the time to produce works of art, rather than one that slaps files on a disc, will be the studio that has superior quality portraits, products, and client service.  Melanie is one of the region's most sought after fine art newborn photographers and has been named one of the Best Newborn Photographers in Ontario for 5 years running.  The old adage is true..."You get what you pay for!" 

I believe that the quality of the portraits you receive is directly proportional to your ability to relax and enjoy the experience. That is why the experience at A Darling Shot is different from any other. 

Newborn portrait sessions are created in a warm, home environment where tired new parents can relax, put their feet up, have a snack, or a nap, catch up on emails, write some Thank You cards, and enjoy watching their little one make their big debut. Sessions are typically about 4 and a half hours since we allow plenty of time for nursing, changing, and cuddling. I know mom is recovering too and I want everyone to feel completely comfortable and never rushed for the best possible portraits. 

The sweetest and most precious time to photograph a newborn is in their first 5-10 days of life. During this time babies will usually retain some of the natural curl from when they were in mommy's tummy. Newborn babies are also more sleepy and pliable for the most desirable poses. Your curling, sleeping newborn will make for the most memorable and meaningful photographs. 

Newborn Session fees include Melanie's time and talent, pre-session consultation over the phone, 4 -4.5-hour session, editing and processing of your images (minimum of 25) along with artistic touches, and a Presentation Session. It does not include any prints or digital files.