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Choosing someone to mentor with is an important decision.  Mentoring sessions are an investment in your business, and like all business decisions, must be considered carefully.  

Custom Newborn Portraiture is a craft and one that must be learned and perfected.  Running a successful portrait studio is difficult and has a lot of pratfalls.  You could try to "figure it out" on your own, but learning from a seasoned pro will push your business along at a much faster rate (and keep you from making mistakes that you will then have to overcome). With hundreds of newborns under my belt, the insight I can provide into this gratifying niche of portraiture will be invaluable to you. 

There are many photographers out there offering mentoring sessions. So why choose me as a mentor?  After attending several "mentoring sessions" with a few different photographers over the years,  I have come to realize that mentoring should include more than just a couple of days together.  If your mentor is unavailable to you after you attend their course, are they really a mentor? Or just a teacher. As a noun the word is defined as "an experienced and trusted adviser", and that is what I want to be for you! I have sought this relationship from the mentoring courses I have attended and found that after the course the mentor vanishes, never to return an email again…and if you do hear from them it is because they are trying to promote another course where they can take more of your money! I want to help you earn money, not spend it (well okay you have to spend something!). After attending a mentoring session with me you will have me at your disposal (within reason of course!).  No fluffy Facebook group where the mentor checks in and leaves a comment like, "nice" or "very pretty" or "so cute"…I don't feel feedback like that will help you improve as a photographer (it sure does not help me!).  I am available for you to ask anything. Whether it is business related, for CC on your newborn poses and editing, photoshop help etc., added fees, just honest, truthful advice!

One-on-One mentoring sessions are tailored to each attendee and are only available to photographers outside a 100 mile radius of the Mississauga Studio

Topics can include:

All About Boutique Business (branding, contracts/forms, pricing -get paid what you are worth!, marketing, social media), 

How to prepare for a Newborn Session (you and the clients),

Studio lighting and set-up, achieving a perfect image SOOC, and shooting angles,

Baby Whisperer techniques,

Posing, Selecting and Working with props,

Client Work Flow,

Digital Work Flow, Photoshop (editing, how to use/write actions,) Soft Proofing,

Products and Packaging

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